Yuletide writer! Hello! This is my first time doing Yuletide and I’m vacillating between terror and delight. I possibly have no idea what I’m doing here, but hi! Hopefully you’re feeling calmer than I am right about now! *grins*

You’re writing me a story! Okay, that’s ... blatantly obvious, but seriously, I’m probably going to be absolutely delighted with whatever you create for me. If you’re already burning with ideas and excitement, run with them, run like the wind! If you’d like a direction to start moving in

I like: People (especially women) being competent and Good at their chosen field. I have a mild D/s kink, but you're in No Way obligated to incorporate that that if it's not your cup of tea ;). I like happy, or even just 'things aren't okay right now, but they're going to be' type hopeful endings.

I dislike: I have very few squicks -- I'll even read noncon/dubcon or torture if it's forwarding the plot. One thing I have real trouble with is seeing characters get all excited about something, and then it turning out badly, or even worse, being laughed at.

Blue Crush The thing that I loved most about this movie (aside from Michelle Rodriguez and women being athletically strong and competent) was the made-family between Anne Marie, Eden and Lena; the undercurrent that Penny basically has three older sisters who will bully her into getting up and breakfasted and to school on time, and it didn’t necessarily matter which one;and that the three of them provide a formidable, no-bullshit support and love structure for each other. How exactly did they all move in? What was it like, those first few months, and then later, after they’d all comfortably settled in?

I’m totally happy with any rating, and if you want to pair any of them with other characters (F/M, or F/F, or hell, with each other – Anne Marie/Eden springs immediately to mind), but mostly I’m all about the focus on the made-family love.

The Losers: The Losers for me is all about the repressed, very, very competent guys who can't talk about their feelings, but demonstrate love by being willing to hurl themselves into near certain death to save each other. Also, I loved the movie banter like crazy, especially the short-hand conversations they can have because they’ve been working together forever, and the frustrated snark they have between each other when things go wrong. I’m totally happy with any rating, and any sexual combination (or not) of the above. They could all just be buddies, have people at home or hook ups on downtime, be in established relationships with each other, or they could be doing desperate we're-all-going-to-die-tomorrow survival sex in the battle field. I’m okay pretty much any level of graphic sex or violence (as long as the violence forwards the plot, sex can just be there for fun or plot :P). I’m thinking you could hang that off a pre-movie mission somewhere, or post-mission injury patch-up, or go wherever your inspiration takes you. :)

A Softer World: How I’d go about this one, honestly? Select a random three (Search will link you to the randomiser) and use them as prompts. I’d prefer a focus on the human characters and not-so-much the horror-creepy type ones, or the creepy-sexual-predator type ones that sometimes crop up. I’d totally be willing to read something dark, especially if the characters emerge from said hard or dark situation and go on to have a happy life in quiet triumph. I’m happy with any gender or pairing combination (Gen story, Asexual characters, F/F, M/F, M/M or threesomes, even) and I’m happy with sexually explicit, or no sex at all :)

If you’re stuck and panicking, these are two of my favourites: (you're welcome to use both, either, neither :P)

I really hope that helped, if you needed it, and best of luck! Hey, you’re putting words down on a page, anything more than that is a bonus!


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