My mood's been all over the place today: anxiety, bad self-talk and resurgence of the reflux, and it's all happening with a whole day buffering between me and Monday. On the other hand, I drove out to a hospital I had no idea was down the road, had a blood test and stopped by the shops for a paper and processed protein, all utterly painless and without too much forethought (this is worth noting). There was also discussion and love with [personal profile] samvara, though, which helped. And there are baby things!

Rescued baby duckling! and Baby Mongoose! Seriously, watch that video. If you don't spend it going "D'awwww!" you have no soul, cos I said so. :P
I found this wandering through flists' of flists:

Vid by sdwolfpup that put a stupidly happy smile on my face. Excellent, excellent use of still images.


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