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( Dec. 2nd, 2010 12:35 pm)
Poppa(Dad's dad) died yesterday. He'd been gently dozing in a nursing home for some years, and had Alzheimer's for a long time before that. A day or so ago he started refusing food and drink and quietly and (seemingly) peacefully died at around 10am. We (Nanna, Dad, my aunt, us three grandkids) were all there.

Please don't feel obligated to offer condolences -- we were never particularly close, mostly I just want to mark his passing, and to explain at large why I might be doing this a bit more than usual.
I started keeping (rough) track of what books I was reading in December 2009, and based on that count (and acknowledging that there's almost certainly books I've forgotten to record) I've read 54 books this year. Clearly, the way to do 52 books in 52 weeks thing was to stop trying :P

I signed up for mini_nano on LJ this year, and with [personal profile] meghanc holding my hand and poking me and cheerleading me, I wrote 16,119 words in 30 days! That's the most I've written in... well, definitely this year, and definitely the most ever in a recorded time frame. I've got three-ish short stories, and a document with 9905 words in it that probably still has god-know-how-many words left to go. Holy shit.


maharetr: Comic and movie images of Aisha's eyebrow ring (The Losers) (Default)

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