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( Apr. 4th, 2017 08:20 pm)
Have finished:
Amulet 6: Escape from Lucien. - this took a sharp turn to the mecha. I’m not averse to giant human-controlled robots, but I wasn’t expecting them in my previously-solidly-fantasy story. Once I adjusted, though, we were back on track with cute characters and a rollicking story.

The long way to a small angry planet by Becky Chambers. This is a first novel, and it shows in ways that I itch to tweak (emotional beats that I want to strengthen, two-ish too many characters to handle, a little overtly barrow-pushy) but these are really just the quibbles that stand out because the book otherwise has such heart, and such a solid core. The more I read and settled into it, the more I grew to like it. Talk of humanity and cultural differences and queer relationships and found family and comfort touch. Near the end, when something actually happens, I was riveted and worrying for this found family and grieving with them. The sequel looks like it’s also going to give me so many pleasing tropes to roll around in, and I burningly want to get my hands even though I’ve got more pressing things on my to-read list.

I hadn’t wanted to nominate quite so blindly for the Hugos (the sequel was eligible, as was I guess both of them as a series), so I’m holding my breath for the reveal in a few hours.

Currently reading:
The geek feminist revolution by Kameron Hurley. So I said I didn’t want to nominate blindly, which is true, but I nominated this collection of essays before I bought it. In my defence it wasn’t quite blindly: I continue to be blown away by We have always fought from some years back; the Amazon sample came out swinging, and it was endorsed by George R. R. Martin.

Now that I’m actually reading it, it is such a personal and brutally honest take on her life and her writing. It’s at once the comfort of the feminist women who have come before, and the uncomfortable knowledge that she’s there in front of you/me and explaining that there’s no one else to do this work: we must stand together. I have the urge to highlight passages and write !!! in the margins. *watches clock for the Hugo finalists*

Up next: (space cleared for interesting-looking Hugo works :D :D)


maharetr: Comic and movie images of Aisha's eyebrow ring (The Losers) (Default)

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