So [personal profile] meghanc and I have signed up for this thing called, which, I know, sounds scammy but is actually neat!

Basically, you set yourself health 'rules': floss every day; eat breakfast more; write in a journal; whatever, and how often you want to ideally do these things. And then you check in and tick if you did them or not, and you earn or lose 'lifepoints' accordingly.

We've made a team called Tiny Baby Steps which indicates about where we're at ourselves :P, so we can cheer each other on. We'd love to have you join us! I'm maharetr there, and meghanc is meghanc, because we're consistent like that. [personal profile] meghanc has more details here.
I'd vaguely planned to post something on the last night in the old house, to commemorate 4.5ish years, but it slipped me by. Now I'm on the couch in the new house, winding down for sleep. There's a cool breeze coming through the screen door (screeeens, oh my heart!), and the sounds of a new neighbourhood floating in -- faint music, parties, people's voices -- with it.

We're almost all moved in! [personal profile] samvara and [personal profile] chaosmanor did phenomenal jobs with the sheer amounts of stuff they have hauled over the last few weeks, and [personal profile] chaosmanor in particular has done an amazing job of packing, unpacking and sorting the kitchen. There are post-it note labels on cupboards, which has been invaluable. *takes my hat off to you both* I have moved and unpacked the bathroom, and my bedroom. Or rather, I have packed and put the boxes and crap in what-will-probably-be-my-room.  I haven't in any way started to engage with what's in them yet. Although that is also waiting on the movers bringing beds and desks and the like over tomorrow. (YAY movers omg!), and the like. Hence the couch sleeping tonight.

ETA: Mostly for myself, to remind future-me that tense thighs and soreness do have consequences, and that I should foam roller more, and massage in the shower. I'd been having sore and tense thigh muscles for a few weeks, and dashing uphill yesterday to catch the bus finally made my left thigh go 'no, no more' and tug on my kneecap. It wasn't as bad as it's been in the past, but it was enough to make me carefully hobble-canter the rest of the distance, and this morning, when I got up and felt the twinging and the way I was instinctively moving my leg to not move my knee, I personed up and called the physio and asked if I could be squeezed in for an emergency knee taping because moving today, omg! And they could, and it was a fantastically well-spent $15. I could even drive [personal profile] samvara's manual car without complaint, although I kept the car in neutral for the l-o-n-g waits at some of the lights. Lesson to future-self: call expert people. They can help fix your problems and make life so much easier. You just have to ask. /ETA 

Empire Pizza seems like it's going to be our pizza place of choice, on the times we get pizza. All our super-convenient places nearby have shut until mid-to-late January. We're especially mournful about the cafe.

It's going to be fascinating to see if it all fits in my room, and how to best make everything work.

Queer feminist housing collective is Go! I still can't quite believe it :D

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( May. 8th, 2010 10:54 pm)
My brain and body are too tired for user name links, but Samvara, G, Ascetic_hedony did this walk tonight. As seems to be the case with me, the second 5km leg was infinitely easier than the first. Much love to the kind soul who, upon finding my jumper fallen on on the path, tied it to a nearby barrier pole to be found on the way back. The Naked Fig gave us take-away hot chocolates that tasted rather of warm milk, but the warmth was appreciated, and Samvara said the menu looked worth returning for.

Came home and did nearly 100 sit ups of various types, with Samvara's assistance. Feeling well exercised and pleasantly tired.
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( Apr. 24th, 2010 10:58 pm)
*falls over*
Water bladders are brilliant things, and I so need to get myself a walking stick. Also, sausage and fried eggs are foods of the starving gods.

See more here at [personal profile] samvara's post
50min workout: Two 20 min + 5 min cool down sessions:
*aerobic session at 5.7km mostly, with two or three bursts of jogging for about 100m each. total 2.48km
*lap session at 6km/hr at 1.0 incline. 2.3ish km?

Total distance: 4.78 ish km over 50min.
I went to the gym!

Walked 4.1km in 35 minutes, of which maybe 3 mins were jogging (running?) at 10km/hr, mostly walking at 6km/hr, at a 1.0(?) incline. Note to self: holding onto the bar, even if it's tracking your heart rate, is cheating. Next time, do a low-level cross-country course for 40min straight, remembering in the in-built 5min cool down.

Other thing of note: the woman who wandered into the stretching area and with no warning at all did a walkover into a backbend, and then did several walkover-type-handstands. I was really lucky I was already sitting down. Holy shit.


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