The Republican party is doing nauseatingly frightening things to women's rights in the US right now, including restricting access to abortion and to the places where people can get contraception and safer sex advice.

Specifically, there's this fuckery being legally forced on women (and their doctors) in Texas.

[personal profile] synecdochic has spoken to the West Texas Planned Parenthood and is fundraising to buy iPod Nanos for clinics in West Texas so women don't have to listen to this crap. Details here.

She's going to make that donation target pretty damn fast, I think. I want her to be able to fund iPods for the whole state, for every state that is doing this. Because getting these laws back off the books will take months and years, and women need abortions tomorrow, today, and right now, regardless of the slut-shaming the Republicans are heaping on us.

A comment [personal profile] synecdochic wrote on the above post: "Seeing these shenanigans going on really pisses me off, and this is at least something concrete that I can do. Even if it's not directly helpful, even if it can't make things 100% better for women who have to listen to the bullshit, medically-inaccurate, politically-motivated lecture, someday a woman will be handed something that was bought with the love and good wishes of dozens of people from everywhere and it will help her get through a shitty time with a little more of her dignity intact than it otherwise would have been."
From an ABC news article Giddings honoured to be next Tas premier

Lara Giddings is set to become the first female Tasmanian premier, after David Bartlett announced he was standing down.

The Prime Minister has congratulated Ms Giddings on her likely rise to become premier, with Mr Bartlett saying he felt he could not be a good father to his children in his current role.

*has a Moment*

This, combined with the realisation that apparently my co-workers are returning tomorrow, is making for a weird, delightful Monday.
(Note: this is being composed stream-of-consciousness and on the fly, so will very likely be refined, updated and edited as time goes on)

This was sparked by a twitter conversation between me and PRK:

Are women allowed to represent their country in Test Cricket? Or is it a male only sport by rule? #TheAshes #Ashes

@prkaye It turns out there are Womens' #Ashes It's a bit like noone knows Aust has two soccer teams: mens and [redacted]

@Maharetr ahhh, thanks! Is it considered positive or negative to have separate sports leagues based on gender? Seems negative to me?

Pop quiz for Australians: name the Australian soccer teams that play on an international level?

It’s....not inherently negative that we separate sports by gender. Or at least, it’s a discussion I’d love to have, but isn’t what I want to focus on right now.

Swimming, gymnastics and diving comes to mind as sports that are separated by gender, but that it doesn’t matter in the eyes of the media, attention and .. well, I have no real idea about funding, although I suspect it does (feel free to chime in). These are also sports where we have women’s events and men’s events and they are BOTH identified as such. That is to say as far as I know and hope, we never have ‘women’s beam event’ and ‘Gymnastic Event: Vault.’ We have ‘women’s beam event’ and ‘men’s vault event’.

Where the separation is a problem is in the level of attention given to the teams and events. For example, to answer the question at the start of the post: Australia has two soccer teams playing at an international level. One of them one Australia’s first ever Asian Cup last year, and has secured their place in the upcoming World Cup.

Here is where the problem is. The above team is called the Matildas and, if you haven’t already guessed, they’re the Australian women’s team. Hands up how many people know there’s a women’s (football/soccer) World Cup? I didn’t until I started putting together a display on The (male) World Cup.

It’s the same with The Ashes (male). There’s a women’s Ashes, too, but I didn’t even think to look it up until PRK asked. Note the worry over funding to keep it going. Can you imagine a similar conversation about funding to keep the men’s Ashes running?

This sexism is seen at all levels, and everywhere. We see it in JJJ's Hottest 100 of All Time (almost? no women), we're undoubtedly going to see something similar in the Classical 100 of all time coming up soon. I'll be watching closely. I have no answers here, or conclusions, I just want to flail, and vent a bit.
A paraphrased radio ad I heard today:

A man's voice saying "I wanted to build my own house, but I wanted something with style, so I went to [company]. They took me through it from design to handover, from less than [price]. They were great with X, Y Z and giving me the home I really wanted etc etc. You should give them a call!"

Me: Huh, cool. I'm interested, and I'll look them up.

Man, continuing: And [I cannot remember the exact term he uses] she'll be really happy when you tel her you'll be buying her a [name of company, which is also a gemstone]!"

Me: ... Women are apparently not your target audience! At all. Good bye.
To all the women who have come before and fought for my right to vote, work, have control over my own body, have recourse against those who violate me, to move freely, to choose whether to have children or not, to choose the gender of my partner and follow my dreams; I humbly thank you.

-- [ profile] mynxii's friend's FB status
I voted for:
Bertie Blackman – Heart
Laura Marling – Goodbye England
Lily Allen – 22
Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry (the one most likely to win of hers, and my second fav)
Lisa Mitchell – Valium (my fav song of hers)
Mama Kin – Tore My Heart Out (Perth band! headed by a woman! The song is awesome all on its own, too :P)
Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat
Sarah Blasko – We Won’t Run
Regina Spektor – Blue Lips
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hysteric

Note: Yup, all women or women-fronted, because clearly after the Hottest 100 of all time, we're not being heard, and the songs sung by men that I've loved (Mumford and Sons -- Little Lion Man, Pearl Jam -- The Fixer) don't exactly need my single vote...

Voting closes on the 17th!
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( Oct. 8th, 2009 09:45 pm)
Excellent points made about the original trial here.
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( Aug. 29th, 2009 09:26 pm)
Given the fabulous discussions last night on homebirth etc, I figured this was a good time to repost this:

Alternative to maternity leave

It only seems applicable to a narrow band of workers at the moment, but as a "breaking down the divide between the domestic and the workplace" concept, I really like it.
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 03:55 am)
I'm not sure where to start this exactly, except that it's 4am, I still haven't slept and this is on a loop in my brain. Reading my flist, it seems to be the night for it. I say again, conceived and written at 4am, and may be subject to daylight clarification and/or contain traces of nuts or dairy products. Those warnings out of the way:

I am the target of the reclaim the night marches )


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