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( Jan. 23rd, 2011 04:58 pm)
While at Bunnings with [personal profile] chaosmanor on the weekend of the 8th of Jan or so, I bought a cherry tomato plant. She's been doing most of the watering (thank you!), and gave me dynamic lifter to add to the pot when I replanted it, which means it's not only still alive, but it's flourishing! I didn't measure it when we first got it, but it's now 43 cm and growing.

Photos under the cut )
I wander home this evening to find [personal profile] samvara with sheets of pastry spread out on the bench, and apple simmering on the stove. We figure out it's pi day somewhen at some point, and get baking. We have produced magnificent concoctions of short pastry, apple, raspberry and white chocolate, along with much discussion on what to do next time, because there shall totally be a next time.

One of those nights where cooking feels like magic-making
*Or rather, I said: Google, I have these ingredients in the house. What should I do?
Google: Clearly, you should cook this
Me: Sure!

I even guestimated all the amounts, and cooked everything that wasn't pasta in a single saucepan because I was lazy. And it was awesome.


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