Dear Kamikaze remix person,

I don't know if you'll ever see this, but on the off-chance, I figured I'd write and say 'hi, I realise in retrospect I haven't so much given you a fic to remix as an idea to play with'. Or at least, I hope that's how you're viewing it... To that end, have fun with it! Or write something deeply angsty. Hey, that's fun, right? *coughs*

Take it wherever your muses decide to run away with it. Which is sort of the idea of remix, but sometimes it helps to hear that. *grins*
I was standing in a beautiful kitchen in Adelaide this morning, listening to Triple J, and on comes Placebo's new song Battle for the sun. Cue much joy, for so many reasons -- it's a dark, sexy song, and then there are the lyrics:

I will battle for the Sun
And I won’t stop until I’m done,
You are getting in the way,
And I have nothing left to say…


Dream brother, My killer, My lover
Dream brother, My killer, My brother

It's got a Sam/Dean apocalypse-final-show-down, staring at each other from opposing sides all over it. *has a Moment*

*edited to remove the 'stutter' :P
From an interview:
Collins became acutely aware of the Supernatural web’s intense scrutiny first hand. “I haven’t been out trolling the net or anything, but someone sent me a link to something where they were breaking down all my body movements. It was just incredible.”

*head tilt* Does anyone know anything about this?
Title: Epilogues (The Winding Roads Remix)
Author: *bites nails* check back this time next week?
Genre, warnings etc: Gen, Angst, PG.
Why you should read this: This is a remix of my fic Ripping out all our epilogues, an AU where Sam and Dean destroy the Impala after the bank siege to run from the FBI. I was always a little fearful of leaving this one open to remix because I have a rather specific love for it, but this remix?

This is the Impala's side of the story, and it's gorgeous. It's everything she knows about the Winchesters (John and Mary as well as Sam and Dean), all wrapped up in a closing scene that I have no words for. Seriously, I want a manip of that scene because words cannot convey just how Fucking. Perfect it is. *flails*

She wishes she could tell him she hopes he gets stuck in a damn mini-van.

She wishes she could tell him she didn't really mean that.

She wishes she could tell him to find a nice Mustang, or maybe a Trans Am. Something beautiful but needy that he can fix and keep running and love until it wakes up and lives and loves him back.

Epilogues (The Winding Roads Remix) by ...


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