I'd vaguely planned to post something on the last night in the old house, to commemorate 4.5ish years, but it slipped me by. Now I'm on the couch in the new house, winding down for sleep. There's a cool breeze coming through the screen door (screeeens, oh my heart!), and the sounds of a new neighbourhood floating in -- faint music, parties, people's voices -- with it.

We're almost all moved in! [personal profile] samvara and [personal profile] chaosmanor did phenomenal jobs with the sheer amounts of stuff they have hauled over the last few weeks, and [personal profile] chaosmanor in particular has done an amazing job of packing, unpacking and sorting the kitchen. There are post-it note labels on cupboards, which has been invaluable. *takes my hat off to you both* I have moved and unpacked the bathroom, and my bedroom. Or rather, I have packed and put the boxes and crap in what-will-probably-be-my-room.  I haven't in any way started to engage with what's in them yet. Although that is also waiting on the movers bringing beds and desks and the like over tomorrow. (YAY movers omg!), and the like. Hence the couch sleeping tonight.

ETA: Mostly for myself, to remind future-me that tense thighs and soreness do have consequences, and that I should foam roller more, and massage in the shower. I'd been having sore and tense thigh muscles for a few weeks, and dashing uphill yesterday to catch the bus finally made my left thigh go 'no, no more' and tug on my kneecap. It wasn't as bad as it's been in the past, but it was enough to make me carefully hobble-canter the rest of the distance, and this morning, when I got up and felt the twinging and the way I was instinctively moving my leg to not move my knee, I personed up and called the physio and asked if I could be squeezed in for an emergency knee taping because moving today, omg! And they could, and it was a fantastically well-spent $15. I could even drive [personal profile] samvara's manual car without complaint, although I kept the car in neutral for the l-o-n-g waits at some of the lights. Lesson to future-self: call expert people. They can help fix your problems and make life so much easier. You just have to ask. /ETA 

Empire Pizza seems like it's going to be our pizza place of choice, on the times we get pizza. All our super-convenient places nearby have shut until mid-to-late January. We're especially mournful about the cafe.

It's going to be fascinating to see if it all fits in my room, and how to best make everything work.

Queer feminist housing collective is Go! I still can't quite believe it :D

Or know someone who does?

We're moving this weekend, so having someone who is like "hells yes, and I can come over in the next few days" would be ideal.

It disassembles into three bits. The veneer is peeling on one panel, but it wardrobe is otherwise in very good condition. Clutter not included :p Free! Just BYO transport :P

ETA: Measurements! It's 150cm wide (50cm a bay), 57cm deep and 237cm tall.

I wander home this evening to find [personal profile] samvara with sheets of pastry spread out on the bench, and apple simmering on the stove. We figure out it's pi day somewhen at some point, and get baking. We have produced magnificent concoctions of short pastry, apple, raspberry and white chocolate, along with much discussion on what to do next time, because there shall totally be a next time.

So I'm reading all the posts that are popping up on my flist about the hailstorms and the deluge that has descended on Melbourne (presumably as a knock on from all the freaking flooding that's been happening in Queensland?), and in response to Caitlin's Facebook post, I write:

"I miss rain so much. Like, I remember the sound of storms on the roof, and being able to watch it fall outside, and I ache. Alas."

I read this aloud to [personal profile] samvara, and she goes, 'come on, then' and promptly goes out and hoses the roof for a little bit. I have the best housemate in the world.
Yeah, I had no idea it could do that, either. Look!

(click through for more photos)

This was the aloe vera plant that I found dumped - pot and all - in the recycling bin after we moved in almost three years ago now.

I felt sorry for it, so I pulled it out and stuck it in the backyard, where I didn't quite feel sorry enough for it to do anything with it. It would go brown and limp, and then there would be rain, and it would go green and upright, and then go brown again. As [personal profile] samvara said once: 'We're teaching it not to trust'.

Eventually, I repotted it in the pot you see in the photo, and it burst forth with life, promptly making itself very at home in the new pot with its potting mix and stuff.

Then last night [personal profile] samvara was watering the various plants we have out the back, and called me out going "come check this out!"

The internet has this to say about aloe vera plants.
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( Aug. 9th, 2009 08:56 pm)
This morning I went food shopping and did a fridge clear out. This afternoon I went and saw Coraline 3D which was gorgeous. I'm not quite convinced that 3D is worth the money, or the effort that went into producing it, but I appreciated the advance in tech that means you don't have to wear red/green glasses.

This evening I was suffering mild going-to-work-tomorrow anxiety, which nosedived into a sulk when I realised a perfect job was closing tomorrow that I'd only just found out about.

Pah, says [personal profile] samvara, you've written hundreds of those! Hand in a crap one! which inspired me enough to open and word document and start hacking and pasting. So now I have a mostly complete (crappy) three page selection criteria and a filled out vacancy form attached to an email to my work-self which reads 'call them an hassle them about submitting via email'.

Which has been a rather awesome exercise in 'anxiety that makes me freeze, or fret uselessly' versus 'using controlled adrenaline to get things done'. Take note, self.

Also, notes to self about the last few days: )
Anyone want anything appearing in the below photo? They're from my brief flirtation with Wicca back in my teens, and have been stored in a dry, dark chest for a long time. Still smells good :P

Most of the incense in particular was given to me by a beloved friend, and I'd love for it to be used by someone who would appreciate it. Inquire within (maharetr at yahoo.com) for pick up address.

Free to a good home

ETA: Candles have been claimed. Candle holders and incense are still up for grabs.
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( Jul. 13th, 2009 11:14 am)
Pancakes with strawberries and the Moonlight Sonata in my kitchen. My life, it does not suck.
Echoing 's post: she and I shall be having a combined birthday party on the 19th of June to celebrate our 35th and 25th birthdays respectively.

We're going to make a balloon pit and light up the backyard. We're asking everyone to bring a dessert of some awesome concoction. Dinner will be ... sweet! :)
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( Jan. 29th, 2009 11:38 pm)
I have this feeling that renovation posts should be all about: "Look how much prettier we made this!" This is not that sort of renovation post.

Before, During and After... )
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( May. 3rd, 2008 08:35 pm)
(a.k.a [livejournal.com profile] black_samvara is awesome)

This is how we had the projector/DVDs/media box set up until about four hours ago:
*curses the blurriness*

Media setup -- before

A trip to Bunnings, a lot of drilling and shelf and couch moving later...
we have this )
Does anyone in our circle of friends have an olive pitter?
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( Jan. 28th, 2008 08:57 pm)
Okay, this is a rough draft of 'things wot cost money and why' during the (continuing) renovations of my room.

cut for the disinterested )


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