I've been hanging out with [personal profile] meghanc and her husband, Nick, for the last month-ish. We've been knitting and shopping and eating and watching Black Books. And I introduced them to Better off Ted, which is what we're watching right now. I'd forgotten quite how much I love Better off Ted.

These are their adorable faces, and their adorable dogs! )
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( Feb. 16th, 2012 12:55 pm)
I am in Ohio, with [personal profile] meghanc! There is snow, on the ground! And it is not actually as cold as I expected!

Getting here was remarkably non-traumatic -- Delta was an excellent flying experience, would totally do that again. I got the pat-down through security in the LAX -- I feel like I got my money's worth for the full US experience, and she was pretty :P

[personal profile] meghanc's dogs are <i>adorable</i>, photo evidence to follow.

Unfortunately, my adapter doesn't have a hole for an earthing pin, so my plan of charging and *using* my laptop has been cut short until, uh, tomorrow, when the cord [personal profile] meghanc has ordered for me will hopefully arrive. My life, so hard. :P

How's everyone doing? :D

So! I'm going to Ohio in less than a month (omg! really happening! etc).

I'm flying Virgin and Delta, taking the Sydney (LA layover) to Atlanta route, and am planning to buy a 30 -day pass to the Delta flight lounge, because quiet(er) and free snacks and recharging of things sounds like it will be desperately needed at certain points.

I'm going to stay with [personal profile] meghanc in Ohio for almost all of it, and am planning a jaunt to San Francisco somewhere in the middle. Do people have any general surviving-in-freezing-temperature tips and/or general 'they do X in the US -- here's how you navigate that' tips?

For the San Francisco part, I'm considering buying one of these: www.citypass.com/san-francisco, with the Alcatraz option, if I can figure out how that works. :P

I'll probably add to this post later. Right now dead from heat :P

Dad and I went 'down south' this long weekend, which is short hand in our family for heading for Margaret River, to the house that my parents built on a bush block. It was a wonderfully peaceful weekend. Photos below the cut!

Photos in approximate order of events... )

This is so cool, I'm placing it outside the cut so that people who aren't interested in my holiday can still see the omg! HART!

This is one of the signs along that stretch of road, warning drivers that people are likely to be crossing the road to admire the gorgeous trees. An example of the standard sign is here (insert gender role and representation snarl here. Plus, 'aged people'? says who?) Anyway, this is the magic someone/s performed on one of the signs:

14 Pixies sign!

I really, really want to meet these person/people and buy them a drink, and learn what else they've done.

Sunday evening was the Aust short film fest )
I realise I haven't actually posted about it, but I'm going overseas for a month in July. (omg omg omg) I just bought travel insurance, and it all suddenly got Real. Whee! I'm going with mum to Paris/France, then Ireland and England.

I have a question about currency. I'll be dealing in Euros and UK pounds. Does anyone in the know have any advice about the best time/s to do currency exchanges? Should I exchange a chunk right now? Should I wait until July/I'm over there? Just withdraw money from my account? etc etc And advice and tips appreciated!
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( Feb. 18th, 2008 03:26 pm)
In...half an hour, [livejournal.com profile] black_samvara, angel that she is, is taking me to the airport. I'll be in New Zealand for two weeks, returning late afternoon 3 March. I'm not taking my laptop, so email checking will be restricted to Internet cafes where I find them. I'm pretty much giving up on keeping up with LJ starting now :P. If something happens that I should know about, comment here, or email me at LJusername@yahoo.com. *random, packing-panicked love to you all*


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