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( Jan. 30th, 2016 11:12 pm)
(I want to figure a better title for these posts. Hmm)

1. Today was a good day, and an excellent Saturday. Woke up and did my stretches (again! nearly like a whole habit!). Got up early-ish for a weekend -- like, 8am.

2. Took Kenobi to the vet with [personal profile] chaosmanor. He's doing so well -- paw healing up, and generally so pleased on the Good Drugs. We're to continue to do ridic rigorous healthcare things for another week, and bring him back next Saturday.

3. I finished [profile] cupidsbower's beanie! At so long last! Now that I've reminded myself I can knit, at least for short periods, and I've removed the faint guilt of 'you should be working on the beanie', suddenly I want to knit All The Things. Next up on knitting: finish the ten-stitch doily thing from even more forever ago, and maybe start a table runner for the sideboard \o/

4. It stormed today! And wasn't too hot! Kiba was so Alert and On Guard during the whole thing, poor darling. It feels like it's rained so little, and I'm almost never home to savour it properly. I've missed it so much.

5. [personal profile] chaosmanor and I took Kiba to the park where he ran around happily, and fetched our somewhat clumsily thrown balls with great glee. He was less pleased with the compulsory shower afterwards (hello grass allergies, ugh), but endured it stoically.

Bonus: the I played more Fallout 4, and refreshed Tumblr a lot, and now it's not even 11:30 and I'm pleasantly tired. Winning :)
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( Jan. 29th, 2016 10:26 pm)
And possibly also yesterday combined, because

1. It is very very hot today. I've not looked up to see how hot, but enough that things are still hot and ugh at 10:30pm. ... Just looked, actual temp is 30C ish, apparent temp mid-20s, but it's totally 30ish in the house right now. Air con for sleeping tonight. At least it's not humid, and I've solidly learned that difference.

2. Yesterday we had a work gathering at work, instead of usual staff dinner. And it was really good -- the weather was great, it wasn't too noisy because it was outside, the food was meat-heavy and delicious and very prompt (yay on-site catering!).

3. Before gathering, co-worker and I strolled carousel looking for an A5 spiral bound notebook for me for work. (srsly, how hard is it to find an A5 spirax notebook? A: Impossible where we were. Not even Kmart or Target had them.) But at work today she'd bought me one (a top bound thing, but so, so feeling the love)

4. When I got home from gathering, [personal profile] samvara had bought and left on my bed a gorgeous present Eating through the zombie apocalypse. It's beautifully put together, funny, and has a CDC-zombie-outbreak outlook to food preparation and emergency cooking/survival. I approve wildly, and am into this.

5. I've give my cold to my co-worker and my housemates. Boo :( On the other hand, there's a shitload of people sniffing and coughing on the train, and at least one other person sick at work, so it's clearly Making The Rounds hard.

Bonus: Got a call from the insurers of my Super income insurance. I called them back, like a grown up, and answered their question honestly, and they're like "yeah, that's fine, thanks." sooo it seems like I'll have the income protection insurance I want, I hope \o/
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( Jan. 27th, 2016 10:03 pm)
Maybe not five, but we'll see.

1. Today was a bit of a wash, mentally and productivity wise, because I was sicker (cold-ier) than I realised, and the afternoon was a bit of "sitting and staring".

2. I didn't drive to Granny's as planned because of it -- I stayed home and hung out with [personal profile] samvara while she played Fallout, and then I went off and played Fallout myself for a while. I did call mum though, to check that she'd got my text message about piking (1+ adult point to me!), and she was totally relaxed about it, and mentioned that Granny was also cold-ish.

3. I mentioned to her that now she'd organised her will and in particular given me enduring power of guardianship that I really wanted to sit down with her (and Granny) and have the end-of-life conversations -- what she wanted, organ donation etc. I don't think she was expecting that at all, but dude, I need it. Also, I should start thinking about my own.

4. Finally sent off the Insurance Adjustment form for my super, and got the 'change of fund' form from work. Filled out the change of fund form even! Handing it back in tomorrow. Wild progress, I hope.

5. I borrow-nicked [personal profile] chaosmanor's beard trimmer to buzz my underarm hair, which worked a treat (prepping to wear super pretty blue top with cap sleeves). So easy and quick.

Bonus: made smoothie! Drank it while waiting for the bus, and it was okay. Looking forward to experimenting from all your comments <3
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( Jan. 26th, 2016 08:03 pm)
1. I got myself out of bed to go to the beach, and drove [personal profile] samvara and Kiba to said beach. [personal profile] samvara guided me through parking with cars on either side. Still not something I'm comfortable doing alone, but I did it! Kiba was so well behaved, and the water and weather were wonderful. It was packed at the beach, more people than I'd ever seen usually (hi public holiday). Then cafe for breakfast. Iced chocolates are like food of the gods at the moment.

2. I made a smoothie this morning before we left the house, too; practice for making smoothies when I'm in the morning rush. (long story short: I'd been eating breakfast at work at my desk of a morning, which I was aware was pushing it but boss finally went from 'only during homeroom' to 'no more, sorry'. So! Smoothies. I might battle to find something that tastes 'good', but current recipe:

soaked oats and chia seeds
frozen berries
a little water
big dollops of yogurt
a bit of cottage cheese (apparent 'super secret' ingredient of the foodie websites. I'm not convinced but am going to finish the container anyway)

Mix, then stubbornly apply stick blender.

Anyone have their own smoothie methods?

3. I wrote! I wrote 100 words and then I wrote a little more, and I have half a ficlet. Oh my god.

4. I played Fallout 4 for the first time a few days, too. Have left Piper in Diamond City, and took Nick as a companion because I couldn't find Deacon. Take that 'it's been a while since you did the thing..." anxiety!

5. We've been feeding Kenobi mince to take his meds (wild success), which last round turned out to be amazing-quality beef hamburger patties cos that's what was left at the IGA. They smelled so good raw that I sequestered two for myself, and had one this evening with rice and beetroot 'salad'. A+ life choice, although the rice was slightly hard. Still good.

All in all, an excellent day off. The fact that tomorrow is Wednesday is going to be unbelievably confusing.

(Bonus thing! Women's International Cricket, broadcast on channel 9, on Australia Day. So many women being expert and sponsored and on TV and it took my breath away)
One of those nights where cooking feels like magic-making
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( Jul. 13th, 2009 11:14 am)
Pancakes with strawberries and the Moonlight Sonata in my kitchen. My life, it does not suck.
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( Mar. 11th, 2009 02:13 pm)
I want to be curled up in bed with a hot drink, a good book and rain outside my window.
[ profile] mynxii (indignantly): "My thoughts never wandered above the belt!"

[ profile] prk: "If you beat me to the car, I'll give you a lift."
[ profile] mynxii: "Like I could ever beat you to the car."
[ profile] prk: "Fine, so we get to the car, then you beat me."

I love you all.
Ha! There's a page out there somewhere (possibly on TVtropes?) that lists all the 'um, you didn't actually listen to that song before you decided to use it in your ad, did you?' moments.

Just heard on the radio, my contender: an ad for a bed company, set to the gentle piano of Gary Jules' cover of Mad World. Whups.
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( Jan. 13th, 2009 12:08 am)
A radio announcer dials down the volume on a song. “Shh, shh," she says to the song, and then to us, to the rest of the world: "You still there?”
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( Nov. 24th, 2008 09:55 pm)
Nothing spectacular happened; I got up and things were cheerful and chatty in my head, and on the walk to work people going the other way picked up on it and smiled back. I was alone at my desk with my mp3 player and Margaret Throsby was being attentive and engaged in my ear. On my lunch break, a gossip magazine wrote about Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi's wedding using the word 'lesbian' never, and variations on the phrase 'look how much they love each other' many times.

I got back from my complementary health test (nothing much I didn't already know) at 4pm, and had that urge to just stay; the work was there in front of me, peaceful and satisfying. I packed up anyway, chatted to my boss, and then to the reception staff, about the health test. Finally bought bi-carb soda on the way home. I missed my train and sat next to two young, beautiful women on the platform who were laughing and chatting, switching effortlessly mid-sentence between English and what I think was Swahili.

Now I'm home, there's lovely, swelling music in my ear, and outside, it rains.
I'm standing at the reception desk, checking in on Thursday afternoon. [ profile] harveystoat, who I went to uni with and have not seen since Swancon 2007 (pre-shave) comes up to the desk and fails to recognise me for a minute or two, then as he's about to move away, realises it's me and stares.

[ profile] harveystoat (explosively): Jesus!
Me (cheerfully): Hi!
[ profile] harveystoat (recovering beautifully): Oh, you're not Jesus, you're Maharet. Hi! Or, if you are Jesus, you might not want to be around tomorrow. Bad things happening!
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( Nov. 14th, 2007 12:34 pm)
So I'm on one of the public computers, on my lunch break. A ringtone starts up and I'm all *head tilt* for the singing:

"Carry on my wayward son..."

It was the other side of the trade shelves, and busy, so I didn't hear who picked up, but a woman behind me started humming...


Seekrit link dump for [ profile] black_samvara: Aussie accent post
Dear Slashgropers secret birthday person...thing. [grin] I can't find the list I downloaded, so you really are secret for the moment, but I've just set up an amazon wishlist and dumped a whole lot of "ooh! shiny!" sort of things on it if you're looking for inspiration. Located here, for reference: Wishlist You don't have to use Amazon; places like [ profile] planetfantastic are probably a helluva lot cheaper, but whatever floats your boat.

On with the proper random:
Work was... eh. I checked LJ at work, and not on my lunch break, which I guess says how bored I'm feeling. However, I did take some random-but-reasonably-pretty photos with my shiny, shiny new camera (like this, except it's a silver TZ2 (so, the same thing, just with one less megapixel) So far, I'm very happy with it, and I'll spam spam you all once I've figured out how to resize images.

I discovered to my joy that the internet cap resets every 30 days, rather than the end of the month. Yay! *promptly downloads a lot* *(Read: 3 eps)

There were two girls on the bus this afternoon, about 15, in dark blue uniforms, doing the sort of flirting at each other you seem to be able to get away with when you're girls and you're already established friends: horsing around, being loud and bitching at each other. Sample conversation:

Girl A: Man, look at my hair, I can't believe I spent all day looking like this.
Girl B: Yeah, you idiot, here *Does A's hair*
Girl A: No way, that sucks, do it again. *Rests her head on her arms so B can do it again*

And back and forth they went, with A randomly yanking the lacky out and doing it a third time, and both of them generally finding excuses to touch, in a loudly tentative, giddy way. I was totally charmed, and quietly ... jealous isn't quite the right word. I wish them well.
I was at work today, and I started thinking about repetition, or maybe memorising would be a better word. I'm not talking about routine: get up, have a shower... etc. I'm talking about those things that you do or read or say day-in day-out until you can reproduce in a totally different context without a thought.

Mine, for example, is the following phrase:

"You put money on it on the machine over there [points]. The first time you use it on the machines over there [points] it'll ask you for a four-digit PIN number, [half-breath] so just put in something you'll remember [smile]."

I said that at least nine times today, and at least a hundred times over the last month, probably closer to 150.

What's yours? Do you pass the same billboard on the way to work? Watch the same software start-up sequence each morning? Hear the same train message? Share the pain -- it breaks up the monotony!

A random thing that I saw for the first time this afternoon, but will be seeing most days until the end of semester when/if the toilets get repainted:

"Won't somebody give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him already?!"


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