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( Oct. 9th, 2016 12:43 pm)
Holy shit, assignments came out fast this year! Hi!

Usual preamble here: if you've got an idea for Fandom that you want to write, go for it (try dodging my dislikes, maybe, but other that, go for it). Ideas, if you want them, under the cuts. I'm delighted by gen, slash, femslash. I'm good with explicit sex, but love non-sexual intimacy moments even more. (See below)

Likes )

If you're panicking about producing a fic where people have to Do Stuff, and there should probably be Plot and a Story Arc, and Character Development, and Characters Learning Shit! You totally don't have to. I'm all for 1,001 words of lazy Sunday afternoon; a bunch of vignettes or drabbles; a slice-of-life; a five-times fic; a missing scene or chapter, etc etc... I mean, if you've been bitten by a bunny that is all about the Plotty Character Development then shit yeah, run with it and be joyous. But it's not required.

Dislikes )

On to the fandoms!

The Martian )

The Arena - Lindsey Stirling )

Brides of Christ )

Say it with your project )

To reiterate!: use any of these ideas, or some, or none! If in doubt, feel free to hit up the mods who can pass on questions to me. Best of luck, have as much fun as you can, and happy Yuletide!


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