(Actually posted on Wednesday! Go me!)

Finished reading:
The drawing of the three by Stephen King. So I started this one sort of hesitantly, and it wavered between interesting and vaguely obligation reading, because I'd bought this as a paper book (yeah, I know I can still stop, but I Invested Money in it. It's been so long since I bought a fiction book, idek). And I read along, with that wavering interest, and then somewhere in the last hundred pages or so it slid into gear and I was going to bed early to keep reading and etc.

And I then I wavered over the third one, because I that's a goddamn seven book series I'm possibly staring down, and I wasn't sure about continuing, even after that gripped ending. Then I went and read [personal profile] rachelmanija's post (post contains big general spoilers for Book 2, and ... spoilers for book 3 that will be tasty tidbits if you've read 2, and probably brutal spoilers if you haven't read 2. If that makes sense.) And that post was enough to whet my appetite, and I've bought book 3 accordingly.

Currently reading: The waste lands by Stephen King, obv. I'm hoooping to try for a book a fortnight as general goal. We'll see how that goes.

Up next: If I don't fall straight into Dark Tower 4, definitely definitely going for Wake by Elizabeth Knox. My interest was piqued by Abigail Nussbaum's review, and I read the first few pages in the bookshop this afternoon, and dang, if I hadn't already committed to The waste lands I would have bought that instead. That looks to be some smooth writing, and I'm excite.


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