May the Wednesday reading meme resume! I stopped pretty hard during Yuletide -- I couldn’t talk about what I was reading because I was writing in that fandom, and any other books I picked up I’d get stuck in the “stop reading, you should be writing!” So I’d stop reading ... and then didn’t write. Oh, self. However, Yuletide is done for the year, and I’m feeling the reading itch again at last!

What I’ve finished:
Station eleven by Emily St John. Billed in several circles as a gentle post-apocalypse novel. Or one that’s set well into picking up the pieces. I read it long enough ago that the details are blurred, but I remember curling up in the world, and liking many of the present day characters. Would rec, I think.

Redacted until the 1st Jan: I know no one really actually cares, but I was revisiting for Yuletide, and the mods ask that we not reveal anything about what we wrote until author reveals on 1st Jan, so!

Also redacted: See above.

Currently reading:
The wolves of Calla by Stephen King: picking this back up post-Yuletide, and even longer than that -- I put it aside because I’d been reading nothing but The Dark Tower series for many weeks. This feels like an easy read compared to the below. Currently in a gore-filled bit that’s making me hesitant to read the final battle, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m reading it on tablet/phone, and the itch to read an ‘actual’ book is settling back in hard and deep.

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. Several people had raved about it, it’s a Hugo beloved, the bookshop didn’t have The parable of the sower that I wanted, did have this on its rec shelves... etc. It’s a fascinating read, and had me hooked within the first two pages. It’s also sort of heavy going -- I’m not a native SF reader, and there’s a certain amount of prior learning that goes into SF reading that I have to redo each time I pick one up -- so it’s not comfort or fully emmersive reading yet, but I’m definitely persevering. I love what she’s doing with gender and humanity and point of view.

What’s up next:
Not sure. I have a shortlist (Anything by Naomi Alderman, The parable of the sower by Octavia Butler, etc. But I’m left reeling unexpectedly hard at Carrie Fisher’s death. I might see, once I’m done with the above, if I’m up for reading some of her works.
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From: [personal profile] transcendancing

Ancillary Justice is the hardest work and it gets more comforting and lovely as the books progress - I actually think this series is one that will give a whole new and wonderful experience on rereading it, especially all together (I may have vague plans to do this). I enjoyed the books more as I went on anyway. It *is* glorious though.
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From: [personal profile] bunny_m

I was posting to say the same thing: The hardest one to get into is Justice, it is definitely worth it, and if anything the books get better as the series progresses.

Re: Station Eleven: I shall have to keep an eye out to add that to the TBR Ranges. SO many books, so little time.

I *adore* ebooks though, as having *mumblemumble* books on me at all times means I never ever run out of things to read.

5-10 minutes downtime? Let's read some! Finished a book(series)? Pick one of the others to start reading right away! ^_^


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