Have finished:
The geek feminist revolution by Kameron Hurley. Continued to be excellent. I’m so glad this made the Hugo finalists. I wanted a reference list/publication dates for the essays because there’s such a gulf in my head between pre-45th president and now (her article about the Affordable Care Act and how it saved her life is particularly gutting), that I wanted a context for how soon the Terrible Things were looming when she wrote various things. But this is still excellent. Going to vote it highly, I say not having cracked Carrie Fisher’s book yet.

The stars are legion by Kameron Hurley. The world building is fascinating (all-women populations on organic spaceships the size of worlds) and I want to know All The Details of this brutal, amazing creation. But the main character has amnesia (which is a trope that sometimes works for me, often doesn’t), and the other characters didn’t give me the details I craved. I’m hoping she might put out short stories after the fact, and would 100% join her Patreon to read whatever she put out about it.

Currently reading:
A closed and common orbit by Becky Chambers. A few pages in, and super delightedly charmed. This has that wavering potential to be awful for me, or excellent: I’m so distressingly squicked by the ‘aliens [or in this case AIs in first-time human bodies] fumble through human interactions for the lols’ trope, and so delighted and comforted by ‘people help newly-landed whoever integrate kindly and well’. I trust Chambers so far, but am reading carefully.

Up next:
Not sure. Might fall back on my old strategy of reading the Amazon samples of the rest of the Hugo novel finalists and seeing what hooks me in.
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Definitely not for the lols, I found it treated respectfully and thoughtfully and that most of it came from the protagonist herself in how she wanted to explore things and figure things out for herself.


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