Holy shit, assignments came out fast this year! Hi!

Usual preamble here: if you've got an idea for Fandom that you want to write, go for it (try dodging my dislikes, maybe, but other that, go for it). Ideas, if you want them, under the cuts. I'm delighted by gen, slash, femslash. I'm good with explicit sex, but love non-sexual intimacy moments even more. (See below)

I'm happy with any 'level' of rating and relationship, from gen friendship to no-sex-shown relationship, to graphic, kinky sex. I have somewhat of a power play D/s kink, but don't feel at all obliged to include that if it's not your cup of tea.

I like complicated, human relationships. The sort of relationships where you know the other person really well -- how to needle and hurt the other person, just as well as how to make them happy, and which option to choose, and keep choosing. I prefer non-miserable endings to peoples' relationships, but take it where the story leads you.

I have a competency-kink a mile long. It doesn't matter what people are doing specifically, anything from baking a cake to putting together machinery. I just really enjoy watching people do things well with assurance and skill.

Intimacy. I don't just mean sex or physical touch -- that ease you get with someone when you've been together forever, and can hang out in their personal space and never bump into them; all the inside jokes you build up; knowing they're okay or not okay at a glance. That sort of thing.

Happy endings, although I get that they might not always be possible. If a happy ending doesn't work for your fic, I'd totally go for bittersweet 'things are still fucked, but we're still together and hanging in there' in its place :D

If you're panicking about producing a fic where people have to Do Stuff, and there should probably be Plot and a Story Arc, and Character Development, and Characters Learning Shit! You totally don't have to. I'm all for 1,001 words of lazy Sunday afternoon; a bunch of vignettes or drabbles; a slice-of-life; a five-times fic; a missing scene or chapter, etc etc... I mean, if you've been bitten by a bunny that is all about the Plotty Character Development then shit yeah, run with it and be joyous. But it's not required.

I have a strong embarrassment/disappointment squick, which mostly manifests in a 'person gets their hopes up about X, and then gets those hopes squashed or gets laughed at.' I can sometimes deal with it marginally better if, by the end of the fic, the person has rationalised it as a learning experience/can laugh about it and really doesn't feel upset anymore, but as a general rule, I find the general scenario so upsetting I'd be struggling to enjoy the fic.

On to the fandoms!

The Martian - Andy Weir
Choosing book or movie as my request was hard. I finally came down on the side of Mark's humor, and the *amazing* team that came and got him. If you're after springboard ideas, I'm allll about their wicked competency, and the phenomenal bonds between them that meant they all went "yup, willing calmly to die for each other, no question." (The supplies will last, oh god) I'd love to see more of them working together.

I had pangs that we didn't get to see them with Mark in either book or movie: I was craving comfort and patching up and touch and freakouts, because holy hell, 18 months is a long time to be alone, never mind in terrifying circumstances. See also: the stress on the Ares crew: survivor guilt, then leaving-him-behind-alive guilt, then going out there to their probable deaths, and THEN Beck getting the 'honour' of going and snatching Mark back to safety -- how are they doing? How are all of them coping back on earth, in the immediate aftermath, or years in the future? I know we have book here, but I 100% endorse Mark teaching baby astronauts back on earth if you want to give him a job.

Pairings? I'm partial to Watney/Beck, and a doctor's healing touch. And/or a warmly-companionable V or poly relationship between Watney/Beck/Johanssen (with or without raising movie-baby) would DELIGHT my SOUL but don't stress if that's not your cup of tea; I'm also 100% there for, as someone else wonderfully put it in their letter, turning (any combo of) slashes into ampersands and making it gen close friendship.

The Arena - Lindsey Stirling (Music Video) Youtube link here
This video is captivating. There's so many places it could go. Is it a portal/fantasy world? Post-apoca? What are they all doing there? Is it a competition -- what for? Do the three 'duos' (I'm reading them as a mother & daughter; a het couple; and skilled opponents or friends/lovers (enemies to close friends/lovers is a bulletproof kink of mine, fyi)) know each other? Do they come to know each other? To me, they don't look like they're part of whatever community this is -- where are they going next? The original idea behind the video is apparently to do with the fact that we are our own harshest critics etc. Feel free to incorporate that and/or take the video as literally as you like. Super relevant here: found family, competency kink.

Brides of Christ:
Thank you, nominator, for putting this out there this year. BLESS you <3

The first ep broke my heart in the best way. It's possibly the most tender friendship-into-relationship I've ever not-quite seen on screen. I want to see if they can reconcile their love with the love of God (um, I'd v much like that to be a yes if at all possible), and furtive, tentative making out and gah, my heart. 1,001 words of that would make me unbearably happy. I'm curious about that journal, and if Paul kept pages, secretly. Did they try and communicate during that time of exile? If you wanted to go for advanced level, so to speak, I've also just seen Catherine's relatively calm acceptance, and then utter steadfast support when Paul decides to leave the convent. Had they gently drifted back to friends by that point? Being able to see the path of that relationship from beginning to beyond the series would be magic. (Side note on side characters, I adore Sister Ambrose so much. And I really appreciate that even Sister Agnus, by the end, is shown softened and human and with warmth towards Catherine, even if they're still on opposite sides of the fence.) Relevant here: religious iconography, soothing rituals, prayer.

"Sag es mit deinem Projekt | Say it with your project" - Hornbach (Commercial) Youtube link here
Man, I saw this a few years ago, and finally thought to get it into Yuletide. I freaking love people showing solidarity with each other and backing each other up, standing silently together against the world etc. I'm interested in knowing about the two of them, and their relationship, and maybe what happened to her mother, and why the daughter is now so visibly and forcefully sticking herself out there as Other in such a straight-laced looking community. I'm interested in what her dad thinks of it all, and what he knows and what drove him to such an epic "I'm with her" statement. What does she think of it? Do they talk about it? She seems almost non-verbal (constraints of the medium and all that, but still), does she say thank you in some other way that he can hear? How does the rest of the community react to him (now a them?) ... if that's not already Too Much, is the frog okay?

Um, I'm going to hush before I start getting too prescriptive. Hopefully that's useful! Other thing I can think of to mention: I know it's a German ad, but I'm damn sure you could set it in a place most familiar to you, and the tone would come across Just Fine. Other thing that suddenly occurred to me: embarrassment squick alert: I could not bear it if her reaction to the house painting was one of scorn or 'why did you DO that?' Just mentioning, in case.

To reiterate!: use any of these ideas, or some, or none! If in doubt, feel free to hit up the mods who can pass on questions to me. Best of luck, have as much fun as you can, and happy Yuletide!
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From: [personal profile] fred_mouse

are there links for the music video and the commercial?

Also -- Brides of Christ! I love that show. I started watching it with youngest, but it was just a bit confronting for them at the age they were, because it was much more explicit about sex than I had remembered! Am planning a rewatch any year now...
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Here's the commercial! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cmg8ghXhAt8

I saw "Sag es mit deinem Projekt" on the list of letters, and I was curious about it so I came to this post to see what someone had to say about it. I just watched it and it was adorable! Thank you for spreading the word.
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From: [personal profile] fred_mouse

Thank you!

I'm one of those people who doesn't Yuletide, but likes to know what the interesting fandoms are out there, so I've got a hope of reading the stories my friends get with some understanding of the canon.
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From: [personal profile] fred_mouse

Having now watched it - ooooh, that is adorable.
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From: [personal profile] fred_mouse


The femslash is so in your face isn't it! And so much of the story was so heartbreaking, that the choices that women took because the alternatives weren't good.

Must finish that rewatch.


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