Oh, my. WANT so much. Actually, so many of these are gorgeous. Whadaya think, secret slashgroper santa person? Would it make it in time? *grins*

ETA: Just checked the finer details, and $30 for a skin, plus $20 shipping tips over the Slashmas budget even before the exchange rate. Sadface!

So, my wishlist yadda, yadda. :) I'll probably be adding to it a bit over the next few days, but not all that much.
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( May. 30th, 2008 03:11 pm)
So. Apparently, I deal with Acer direct until the 1 year warranty expires. Fair enough. I endure the Acer customer support line, with its "hello, please give me your first name and serial number, then the problem, in that order" customer 'service', but it turns out that the technical side of things is pretty good.

They've deduced over the phone that it's a problem with the laptop itself (Damn), and have arranged for a courier to come and pick said laptop up from my workplace on Tuesday. That's rather cool of them, I gotta say.

What's the best way to 'securely pack' a laptop? Anyone? Cos I have no idea, and Australia Post is looking back at me blankly.

ETA: By the way they were talking, whatever I pack it in is how it's going to get to Sydney. They've texted me the address to write on the box. It seems like overkill considering they appear to have a centre in Perth, but whatever, I'm not the one paying for it.

We have flat cardboard left over from moving, [livejournal.com profile] black_samvara reminded me, so I'll have a go at making a box out of that. Yay for lots and lots of packing tape?
The story so far: on Friday night I noticed my laptop power/battery lights were doing something New, namely flashing shades of orange. When I wiggle the power cord, they settle down into standard colours and all is well.

[livejournal.com profile] e_dan confirms my suspicions it's power cord related, although we can't see any frayed wires, or anything obvious. I've had this Acer Aspire laptop for...okay, the warranty receipt says since October last year, but time wise, that just isn't working in my head. Whatever.

Laptop's ability to charge at all gradually fails over the next few days until I have 15mins of battery left, and no way to charge it. (Thanks in no small part to [livejournal.com profile] prk we are unbelievably technology-rich, and I've switched over the projector laptop).

I call Officeworks today from work, and they say "sure, we can handle it, but it'll be quicker to go through Acer direct." Acer turns out to be public transport inaccessible and to have one of the most blatant 'fuck off, we don't want to take your call' tech helpline I have ever come across*. To the point where I started methodically pushing buttons through the voice over, and it hung up on me.

[livejournal.com profile] black_samvara has suggested it's probably the receptor for the power cord, rather than the power cord itself, which complicates things in a 'oh, man, I'm so not handing over my laptop to random people' sort of way. If anyone's made it this far, got any suggestions?

*Thinking about it, that award goes to Belkin, which had the recorded message: "all our operators are busy due to unforeseen demand, please call back later" and hung up for you.


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